The Hidden Paradise of Istanbul; Şile, Ağva Breakfast Places

Şile is one of the most accessible locations for Istanbul residents who want to enjoy the sea and nature together. It is a cute town on the Black Sea coast which is about 60 km away from Istanbul. It is one of the escape points of those who want to get away from the city life at the weekend with its magnificent view and breakfast places. Therefore, it is highly demanded by those coming from Istanbul. We have prepared a rich breakfast place guide which includes the most beautiful breakfast places, mixed breakfast places, places containing organic breakfast tables and local breakfast places on the Şile, Ağva of Anatolian side of Istanbul. You can reward yourself with the tranquility and luxury breakfast places of Şile, along with its long fascinating beaches and rich green forests. In addition, the breakfast places in here offer rich local menus at affordable prices, making it a place where you can easily meet and have a good time with your family or friends. In this article, we organized a compilation of the most luxurious breakfast places in Şile, the local and village breakfast places in Şile, the open buffet and the mixed breakfast places in Şile. Let’s take a look at these lovely breakfast places without waiting longer:

1. Mola Gözleme Evi, Şile

Located in Şile, the Mola Gözleme Evi offers a very peaceful setting with its unique nature and nutritious mixed breakfast. It is also known for its delicious menemen and famous for its minced potato pancakes. Don’t forget to try the village cheese if you go to this delicious breakfast place.

2. Saklıgöl Kamandere Tesisleri, Şile

When you are so close to Istanbul, you can feel as far away as you can in Saklıgöl Karamandere Facilities, which is a tranquil and peaceful breakfast place on the lake shore, answers the question “Where can I have breakfast in Şile?” To go to the Saklıgöl Karamandere Facilities, you can follow the signs of Saklıköy when you turn in the opposite direction from the main road instead of entering the Şile center while you are on the highway to İstanbul-Şile.

3. Ayşe Abla’nın Yeri, Şile

Ayşe Abla’nın Yeri will be the best option for those who want to experience breakfast as if you were in your own home and to meet with both a fast and friendly service. The village breakfast is served with samovar tea. You can also enrich your weekend breakfast with its delicious pancakes.

4. Massha, Şile

Located on a wooden pier at the corner of Ayazma Beach in Istanbul’s seaside town of Şile, Massha is a fish restaurant in essence. Massha also offers a great choice with a delicious breakfast full of delicacies. Mixed breakfast is prepared for at least two people.

5. Ağva Masal Evi

In Ağva Masal Evi, you can find peace in the winters near the fireplace and in the summers in the edge of the creek. Although Ağva Masal Evi is attracted by its green garden, the mixed village breakfast is not less than that. After the high-quality breakfast, pleasure of the coffee in the embers against Göksu Creek will add happiness to your happiness.