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Connect Directly to Users!

All Business Informations

Share your business specialities, opening and closing hours of your business, your business address and location through our navigation system so that customers can easily reach your place through.

Contact Details

Share your phone number, email address, your website details on Dishadvisor, so users can book your place easily or call you for the reservation.

Access To All Social Media Accounts By Mobile App

Make it easy for users to contact through all your social media accounts, by adding all your social media accounts on Dishadvisor’s business detail page.

Instagram Attachment

Add your instagram link from the admin panel to your detailed page on Dishadvisor’s website so that userscan access your current social media photos.

Client's Business Photos

Add a banner image of your business, your business logo, the front image of your business and inside of your business place to your photo gallery.

Client's Business Places Videos

Attract the attention of users in Dishadvisor.com who want to explore the dishes, places, hotels with dynamic videos about your business and animate your business in Dishadvisor.com.

Dazzle Your Business!

Venue Location On The Map

When the people will search any business destination, secure your place among their required search and make yourself easily reachable.

Extensive Google Analytics Reporting Tools.

All plans include a series of basic, advanced and custom reporting tools to enable you to analyze and review your bookings, customer and business data to get a detailed feel for how the business is doing on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Add Your Place As A Favorite Place, Voting & Comenting On Your Business Place.

Dishadvisor.com’s users can add your place as their favorite place, rate your place by giving (1-5 stars), make a revommendation, and also put a comment on your business place as thir favorite place.

Announce Your Offers

Get ahead of your competitors by offering offers to the users on Dishadvisor’s website & mobile versions, attract attention by offering special discounts to Dish Advisor members.

Manage Your Events

Increase your visibility by adding events you create every month to your page. Increase your customer traffic by uploading attractive offers for: New Year, Ramadan, Live Performance, Valentine’s Day, etc. You can create many events weekly or monthly.

Supports All Booking Types Including Services, Events, Classes, Courses & Parties & More.

(Whether your business takes appointments, reservations, events, or parties, Dishadvisor allow you to take bookings online, manage your customers and attract new ones.)

Highlight Your Business!

Sponsor Places System

Take your place among the sponsored venues so that more users could reach you.


Advertise your business in our featured places category and make your business place more visible to the world.

Pop Up System

Advertise your brand on our Pop Up Menu service so that your brand can stuck on the users.  Stand out your business brand by publishing your offers or events information & increase your business demands.

Access Anywhere

Dishadvisor.com helps the brands access anywhere they’re. Normal public can view the Dishadvisor’s client’s availability and make bookings from wherever & whenever they are online. 

Take My Location