Most Preferred Beach Clubs and Beaches of Istanbul

Turkey, with crystal clear waters and pristine beaches affecting it’s visitors. With the warmth of the weather, people have started to search for the most beautiful beach clubs and beaches in order to cool off without going too far. If you can’t go to the Aegean or South coasts, there are many beautiful beaches in Istanbul. We have a good news for those who have decided to spend their holiday in Istanbul and have not yet made a plan. We prepared Istanbul’s Most Preferred Beach Clubs and Beaches for you, where you can stay alone with nature and do water sports. Take a look without wasting time.

Burç Beach

With a cafe, bar and restaurant, you can spend a day with various activities at Burç Beach, where DJ performances take place. You can participate in any activity, from kite-flying on the beach to windsurfing and beach volleyball.

Solar Beach

Solar Beach, serving vacationers since 2002, contain Turkey’s largest private beach and an outdoor performance center feature at the site. It offers a comfortable summer holiday to Istanbul residents with its perfect and unique sandy beach over 1 kilometer, deck and beach for 2000 people, restaurants, bars, various activities, water sports, extreme sports center and private parties.

Ada Beach

Ada Beach, serves in Çam Limanı Bay, which one of the Turkey’s most scenic bays, in Heybeliada, one of the Princes’ Islands in Istanbul. It is a place where you can sunbathe with the sounds of birds and offer you the opportunity to swim in the sea while you are in touch with nature and where you can have a nice day in the color revelation formed by the mixture of green and tones under the pine trees.

Baykuş Beach

Baykuş Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of Istanbul where you can easily go to the sea with your family. Here you can rent sunbeds and swim in the sea, or you can set up your tent and watch the sunrise and sunset by giving yourself a little holiday gift. You can bring tents from the outside or rent the tents of the beach at reasonable prices.The sea will be a very good choice for relaxing with its sandy beach.

Caddebostan Beach

Caddebostan Beach, which is a kind of medicine for the residents of the Anatolian side, offers a nice holiday option for those who live in Istanbul for sunbathing and swimming. It is the most easily accessible beach for people living around Kadıköy.