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Create an account and gain access to our user friendly control panel where you can reserve your events,offers, Parties, and everything else. We guide you through the simple process and are always here to help if you get stuck.


After "Sign In" you can select your favorite place from categories, view offers, see the upcoming events, reserve a business place online, make a comment about a particular business place and share their homepages with your friends and families. You can find easily the businesses you are looking for in in the related categories and locations. With the map view, you can view the places closest to you and you can access the instant location of the desired location with the "Dial Straight Away" option. You can easily embed your social media pages *Facebook, Instagram, Twitter pages * for a seamless user experience. With our DishAdvisor newsletter subscription, you can explore places around the most popular restaurants, cafes, pubs and venues.


Dish reminds you about the daily events, daily offers, daily tours, daily best wedding restaurants, Best birthday places, best deals hotels on your telephone as a notification. For reservation purposes, card payments are secure and instant, direct from your bank accounts, via iyzico. When a payment has gone through, the system will automatically send a message to you via your mobile phone and to your email. 

You can complete your user registration in just 1-2 minutes and you will have the excitement of discovering new places with

  • 1.In DishAdvisor you can quickly and easily find the businesses you are looking for in the relevant categories and locations.
  • 2. You can view the locations closest to you with the map view and you can access the location of the desired location instantly with the quick search section.
  • 3.You can see your favorite places in your membership account by saving the places you have visited and commented on before.
  • 4.You can access all information about the business's activities, announcements and campaigns. You can take advantage from online booking of any busisess with reservation system.
  • 5. You can get more detailed information about our new places with our suggestions, popular places, events and discoveries on the main page.
  • 6. You can see all the details, images, videos, reviews of the business in the detail pages of the businesses.
  • 7.With your subscription to DishAdvisor newsletter, you can discover the most popular venues in your surroundings.
  • 9. For all other questions and requests you can reach us at
  • 10. Our store page would be with you very soon where you can explore and order your favorite products only on

For booking purposes, card payments are made directly and securely from our payment processor directly from your bank accounts. When a payment is made, the system automatically sends you a message from your mobile phone and email.

In addition, with our mobile application you will be informed at any time by mobile notifications of newly added venues, recommendations, daily parties and organizations and daily offers.

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